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Cerebrating of an opportune location for your warehouse, with optimal cost and best indispensable parameters? Then KMS Industrial and Warehousing Hub is the platform for you.

KmsSpace is a one of its kind tech platform for logistic firms which will avail in designing the entire supply chain for any industry. We utilize predictive analysis techniques of ideal logistics standards for every sector and converting the virtual data proximate to authenticity.Currently, we have developed a databank of more than Million Sq. ft. of warehousing space. We bring a parametric approach to warehouse cull with on ground industry experience.
We are a one stop warehouse identification and leasing solution that is more expeditious, reliable, flexible and optimal.
We believe leasing a warehouse is a critical business decision and every organization will relish to evaluate multiple options afore finalizing so each of our warehouse is physically verified  parameters prior on boarding.

KMS Industrial and Warehousing Hub

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Do you want to setup small medium large industry or factory of Ice cream manufacturing, PVC pipes manufacturing, milk manufacturing, medicine or drugs manufacturing industry, chemical, synthetic, thinner manufacturing industry, steel or sheet metal factory, water manufacturing plants, hospital, cow farming etc.

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KMS is a leader in the field of industrial space systems, Providing optimum space utilization base on concept of TEXTILE & GARMENT MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIAL SPACE. We are supported by a highly experienced research team, World class design space and manufacturing facilities. With an experience of over 4 DECADE ,KMS has established a position of repute amongst public industrial sector units. Our focus on TEXTILE AND GARMENT MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY’s the key to understand changing market requirements. From basic endeavor to upgrade our processes & systems has enabled us to provide integrated space in city. The traditional models of KMS space and other transit service providers leave little options and flexibility for business owners and individuals. Your Space’s vision is to partner businesses and individuals in their quest for overcoming space constraints and bring world-class, professional and personalized service in the Manufacturing industry Space.


Maintenance Free

Time/Money Saving

Floor Load Bearing Capacity

Adequate Power & Water supplies

Wide Range Space

Fully Guarded Premises

Loading/Unloading Space

Availability of Skilled & Unskilled Labour

Central Location

Effortless Handling

Industrial Space with Licenses

Workers Accommodation Available